HDMI Cables


HDMI Cables, HDMI to Same

Cable Up's Industrial line features high speed HDMI cables with 340 MHz bandwidth (10.2 Gbps). These cables will carry an HD signal of up to 1080p and will also work for 720p/1080i with increased refresh rates above 60Hz. Supports uncompressed 7.1 digital audio up to 192kHz and works with all standard HDMI interfaces.

HDMI-HDMI-1.5* HDMI to Same 1.5 ft.
HDMI-HDMI-3* HDMI to Same 3 ft.
HDMI-HDMI-6* HDMI to Same 6 ft.
HDMI-HDMI-10* HDMI to Same 10 ft.
HDMI-HDMI-15* HDMI to Same 15 ft.
HDMI-HDMI-25* HDMI to Same 25 ft.
HDMI-HDMI-50* HDMI to Same 50 ft.
*Asterisk items are UL Listed and RoHS certified. UL ListedRoHS Certified
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