Network Cables


Network Cables, 8P8C to Same

Cable Up's Essentials line features CAT5e cables designed for high speed Local Area Network (LAN) connections. Use for connecting a PC, or other peripherals, to an Ethernet network. Its unshielded twisted pairs allow for reliable signal transfer with minimal crosstalk. Molded cable strain relief, with a catch-free boot, prevents cable latch breakage. Backwards compatible with CAT3 standards.

CAT5E-3-BLK* CAT5E, 8P8C to Same 3 ft.
CAT5E-5-BLK* CAT5E, 8P8C to Same 5 ft.
CAT5E-10-BLK* CAT5E, 8P8C to Same 10 ft.
CAT5E-25-BLK* CAT5E, 8P8C to Same 25 ft.
CAT5E-50-BLK* CAT5E, 8P8C to Same 50 ft.
CAT5E-100-BLK* CAT5E, 8P8C to Same 100 ft.
CAT5E-150-BLK* CAT5E, 8P8C to Same 150 ft.
*Asterisk items are UL Listed and RoHS certified. UL ListedRoHS Certified
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