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INDUSTRIAL - Instrument Cables

Industrial instrument cables are a reliable choice at an affordable price. They feature braided cloth outer sheathing that stands up to hard usage, yet remains kink-free and flexible on stage. Reliability is enhanced with shrink-wrapped strain reliefs over soldered connections. Repairable, shielded metal shell phone plugs with 1/4" gold tips aid in the prevention of oxidation for added durability.

G-BG-0.5-RR Braided, Right Angle-Right Angle 0.5 ft.
G-BG-20 Braided, Straight Tip-Straight Tip 20 ft.
G-BG-20-R Braided, Straight Tip-Right Angle 20 ft.

INDUSTRIAL - Hi-Tec Guitar Cables

Cable Up's Industrial line offers Hi-Tec guitar cables built with special low capacitance, low-loss polyethylene insulation and oxygen-free copper cores. These cables are designed specifically for high impedance instrument applications. Hi-Tec cables feature a conductive plastic PVC layer next to a copper braided shielding, which minimizes static noise due to mechanical movement. These cables deliver a pristine and totally clear sound with minimal noise, impressing even the most discerning guitar players.

G-HT-12 Hi-Tec, Straight Tip-Straight Tip 12 ft.
G-HT-12-R Hi-Tec, Straight Tip-Right Angle 12 ft.
G-HT-20 Hi-Tec, Straight Tip-Straight Tip 20 ft.
G-HT-20-R Hi-Tec, Straight Tip-Right Angle 20 ft.
G-HT-25 Hi-Tec, Straight Tip-Straight Tip 25 ft.
G-HT-25-R Hi-Tec, Straight Tip -Right Angle 25 ft.
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